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Shanghai car rental self-driving process and precautions when Shanghai car rental self-driving

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2023-05-05 09:13:00

Nowadays, the concept of renting instead of buying has gradually become popular in various cities, and for most young people, buying a car is better than renting a car. All kinds of problems will also occur when self-driving car rental, so the following Aobang Shanghai Car Rental company will give you a brief introduction to the "Shanghai car rental self-driving process and precautions when Shanghai car rental self-driving".
I.Shanghai car rental self-driving process
1. To book a vehicle by phone, you need to provide the model of the car, when to pick up the car, where to pick up the car, and the number of days; To make a reservation, you need to provide some relevant information about the individual.
2. Go to the reserved store to pick up the car at the pick-up time , and the sales staff will help you go through the car rental procedures, or you can let the master send the car to your door.
3. First of all, you need to show the required documents for renting a car, pay rent and deposit; The salesman will give you a "car rental registration form", the front side is some relevant information of the lessee, and the relevant information of the current rental car, the back is the rental contract, both sides need to be signed by the lessee. There is also a "supplementary agreement" that also needs to be signed.
4. The salesman will take you to the car, and mark the scratches of the car body and some parts of the car, such as fire extinguishers, on a "vehicle handover slip". The lessee confirms that it is correct, signs and then drives the car away.
5. You need to drive safely until you return the car.
6. When it is time to return the car, drive the car to the store, you need to check the car with the salesman to see if the body is scratched and whether the auto parts are complete. After the inspection is confirmed, you will need to sign the "Vehicle Handover Form". The salesman will type out a "statement", you need to sign and confirm, and then the salesman will return the deposit and mortgage documents to you.
7, the last mention, if you are renting a car locally, there are many companies will take corresponding measures, such as the need for your local account as a guarantee, there are some relatively large car rental companies in China Ziah guarantee is more advanced, the use of credit cards as a guarantee, whether you are a local car rental or a foreign car rental, as long as you have a credit card, then you can take a credit card to settle.
II.Precautions for self-driving in Shanghai car rental

1. Choose a regular Shanghai car rental company
Formal Shanghai car rental companies are responsible for the insurance, taxes, management fees and repair and maintenance of the vehicle. In addition, we also assist the lover in handling violations, accidents and claims according to the regulations of the insurance company. Therefore, citizens should try to choose powerful and large-scale automobile rental enterprises.
2. With "two certificates and one card", you can handle the rental procedures
At present, most automobile rental companies in the city have implemented the simple procedure of "two certificates and one card" in the rental procedure, which refers to the ID card, driver's license and credit card, that is, the renter only needs to provide these 3 things to handle the rental procedure.
3. Test drive the car in person
Car inspection is a process in which both parties jointly determine the condition of the vehicle, which is very important and very particular. First of all, we must check from the appearance to see if there are scratches on the car body, whether the lights are complete, and whether the locks are normal; Then open the hood to check the condition of major components such as fuel, refrigeration fluid, lubricating oil, brake fluid, battery and drivetrain. After there are no abnormalities, you can enter the cab to check the operation status of the fuel gauge, brakes and air conditioning. Finally, remind everyone to test drive.
4. Notify Shanghai car rental company
During the Shanghai car rental process, if there is an accident, you should notify the Shanghai car rental company immediately and ask them to contact the insurance company to investigate the site. Because the car is "fully insured", most of the costs such as towing fees and repair costs will be borne by the insurance company, so choose a complete national rescue network, professional and formal automobile rental enterprises, so that the interests of car renters will be protected.

The above is the Aobang Shanghai car rental companyShanghai car rental self-driving process and precautions when Shanghai car rental self-driving”All content, For more car rental information, please visit the official website of Aobang Car Rental.
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