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Car Car rental hotline

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  • Luxury bus rental

    Luxury bus rental

    Price: 1300RMB/day

  • Seats:Buick Business 25S

    Buick Business 25S

    Price: 700RMB/day

  • Honda Alison

    Honda Alison

    Price: 700RMB/day

  • Lexus LM300

    Lexus LM300

    Price: 3800RMB/day

Contact us
Contact us
  • Tel: 021-57832189
  • Mobile: 13052535999
  • E-mail:aobangzc@163.com
  • Address:Room 1109, No. 1065, Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • Branch:Room 206, Block A, No. 58 Yindu West Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
  Shanghai Aobang Automobile Rental Service Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the commercial center of Xujiahui. It has branches in Minhang, Songjiang and other places. It has been registered by the industry and commerce and tax authorities and issued a business license. At present, there are more than 100 medium and high-end models, and the company has strong strength.
  Aobang Car Rental focuses on shanghai car rental, shanghai Business Car Rental, Tourist car rental, wedding car rental, Corporate shuttle rental, long-distance chartered car, conference and exhibition car rental, airport high-speed rail pick-up and other driving services, self-driving services.
  The company welcomes Chinese and foreign guests with high-quality service and good car condition. With advanced management concepts, management experience, business model, honest service and other aspects of continuous innovation, and to meet the different needs of customers. over the past few years, the service quality and staff quality have been continuously improved, becoming a model and enterprise star in the car rental industry, and has a good reputation and reputation in the car rental industry.

  Business philosophy
  "Safety in action, service in heart, professional and efficient, customer-oriented," is our service tenet.
 Service items
  ■Caring services tailored for official business and commercial vehicles of various enterprises and institutions:
  ■Oriented car purchase for different preferences of successful people, renting instead of buying, and old for new;
  ■Specific services with drivers to meet various needs such as pick-up, drop-off, conference, travel, wedding, etc;
  ■Provide short-term car rental services for consumers on long holidays or weekend trips;
  ■Provide medium and high-end business vehicles with foreign language drivers for foreign-funded enterprises and offices to carry out various official and business activities in Shanghai;
  ■Special car rental service for state-owned enterprises and public institutions to formulate car reform plans and manage on behalf of them.
 Business field
  Various forms of long-term and short-term rentals; car rental for individuals and units; official and commercial vehicles; driving, self-driving, long-term and short-term rentals; annual driver's license inspections for customers, handling traffic violations, accident car replacement; telephone and online consultation, Book rental cars, 24-hour assistance and more. The company has built a number of auto service chain repair centers. In addition to serving the company's rental vehicles, it also engages in quick and convenient services such as car maintenance, oil changes, quick repairs, and beauty treatments for the society.
  Company management
  With the fundamental purpose of creating the "Aobang Car Rental" brand, it implements all-round scientific management, creates its own characteristics in terms of operation, management, and service, and forms its own corporate culture: pursuing efficiency, paying attention to details, and constantly Innovate and surpass yourself. The company has rigorous management, standardized procedures, convenient procedures, transparent prices with strong competitiveness, and perfect post-rental protection. Implemented advanced remote computer networking management. Some high-end cars are equipped with GPS control systems, which realize electronic office, digital management and market information.
 Management team
  The company has a large number of high-quality professional personnel. There is a management team with solidarity and cooperation, rich professions, continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, and a vigorous and well-trained workforce. "The enterprise strives to be the best in the industry, and the employees strive to be the best in the enterprise" is our unswerving goal. The idea that an enterprise can be faster, stronger, bigger and better is reflected in the words and deeds of each employee and each specific work of the company. We are in action and strive to do better!
Shanghai Aobang Car Rental Service Co., Ltd.

Tel:021-57832189 13052535999
Address:Room 1109, No. 1065 Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Branch:Room 206-208, Block A, No. 58 Yindu West Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Shanghai


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