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Is there anything I need to pay attention to when renting a car for the first time ?/h1>

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2022-02-24 20:10:13

 We will inevitably encounter the need to rent a car in our daily life, if you don't know the Car rental process, find a small car rental company at will, it is inevitable that you may be pitted? So what documents do we need when renting a car, and how do we change it?

1. Prepare relevant documents

First of all, the rental car must be at least 18 years old (the situation varies from place to place, it may also be required to be 20 years old), hold his valid ID card, the driving type on the driver's license must be in line with the rental car model, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan customers should prepare relevant documents (Hong Kong and Macao Residents Mainland Travel Permit, Mainland Pass, etc.), foreign customers need to present: passport, visa/residence permit, and finally do not forget to prepare a valid credit or debit card (cash).

2. Choose a rental company

With so many car rental companies on the market, which one do we choose? First of all, we can consult the word of mouth and service attitude of the car rental company in online forums, Tieba and other places, if you have friends who have car rental experience around, you may wish to learn more about the car rental situation of friends.

Try to choose a professional, large-scale, well-known car rental company, do not go to some small car rental companies, underground car rental, private car rental, second-hand car rental and other places, although these places seem to be cheap, but there is no good management system, fish and dragons are mixed, safety is not necessarily guaranteed, even if "slaughtered", can not find a place to report, but may "pick up sesame seeds lost watermelon".

3. Car rental contract

Some car rental companies have very harsh contracts, you are fully responsible at every turn, and you have to deduct the deposit at every turn, but such car rental companies are still a minority after all, as long as we keep our eyes open and pay more attention.

4. Choose a car

We can choose the right model according to the number of travelers and the road conditions of travel. Generally, driving on urban roads, if there are not many people, you can choose a car, the car is flexible and more comfortable, and if there are many people, you can also choose MPV models; If you need to run the town road, the ground is more bumpy, you can choose an SUV model, and if you have a mountain road, it is recommended to rent an off-road vehicle.

Another point to pay attention to is that although the car rental company's vehicles will be replaced in a period of time , but if there is a new car, you must choose a new car, the new car driving mileage is less, the car is in good condition, the car is not easy to break down, you don't want to rent a car happily on the road, drive halfway to the nest, right?

5. Car inspection and test drive

The appearance should be paid attention to see whether there are scratches or damage on the appearance of the body, and whether the lights, tires and locks are normal; Open the engine cover to check the condition of major components such as fuel, refrigeration fluid, lubricating oil, brake fluid, battery and transmission system; The interior should check various instruments and warning signals, especially pay attention to the fuel gauge, brakes, air conditioning; If you can test drive, it is best to test drive, this is the best way to check the condition of the car, a car is good to drive a circle to know, if there are any problems, remember to tell the staff to record on the inspection form.

Finally, pay attention to check whether the equipped tools are complete: jack, spare tire, triangle, fire extinguisher, etc.

6. Return the car

When returning the car, the staff will check and compare the car inspection form, generally no problem is very good, if there is a problem, according to the contract, insurance, deduction from the deposit, but customers can buy no deductible insurance before renting a car, generally it will be very easy.

The above is the Aobang Shanghai car rental companyIs there anything I need to pay attention to when renting a car for the first time ?/a>”All content, For more car rental information, please visit the official website of Aobang Car Rental.
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