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Driving tips for novices to avoid accidents on highways

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2023-05-04 09:14:23

Nowadays, cars have become an important means of transportation, and we can't avoid driving on the highway when driving, today Aobang Shanghai Car Rental Company Xiaobian will share with you the driving skills of novices to avoid accidents on the highway:

▽Control emotions:
Highway cars are few people, the road surface is smooth, the realization is generally more transparent, the refreshing and comfortable atmosphere is easy for the driver to increase the speed, the speed is high, any unexpected situation will cause danger or accidents. Therefore, the most important thing to drive on the highway is to control your emotions and drive at the speed of the speed limit sign.
▽Gentle manipulation:
Unlike the scene in the movie where the rapid direction of the car is forward, the highway speed is high, and the direction of driving is changed abruptly, which is likely to cause a rollOver accident. Gentle handling means increasing the time it takes for other vehicles to adapt to your car (or your car's way of driving), especially when there is an accident ahead, where slamming is easy to lose control, while gentle steering allows the car to smoothly avoid danger. Sudden deceleration and sharp merging are not good, especially at intersections and exits, which are most prone to accidents.
▽Take care of others

Whether you want to Over take, slow down, or change lanes and drive off the main road, your every intention should signal the cars behind you and around you in advance, 1 km or half a minute in advance and slow down. After all, safety is paramount.
▽Parallel accompaniment
Driving on the highway, too fast and too slow is not appropriate, it is best to follow a team or a car of similar speed, with a walk. Some people complain that the car in front of them is slow, in fact, they should think about whether they are too fast. You can find a car similar to yourself and keep the speed at a reasonable speed. In addition, before entering the main road of the highway, you must quickly speed up to the corresponding speed on the ramp, and you must not cut into the main road at a low speed, affecting the normal high-speed driving vehicles, causing danger.
▽Control the speed of the vehicle
According to national regulations, the maximum speed of the highway shall not exceed 120 kms per hour, and the minimum speed shall not be lower than 60 kms per hour. Driving too fast increases the chance of traffic accidents, and if the speed is too slow, the car behind will be blocked and the highway will not be effective. However, if you encounter strong wind, rain and snow, foggy days or icy roads, you should slow down and turn on fog lights depending on visibility. When the visibility is less than 200 meters, turn on the fog lights, low beam lights, position lights and front and rear position lights, the speed shall not exceed 60 kms per hour, and the distance from the vehicle in front of the same lane shall be more than 100 meters; When the visibility is less than 100 meters, turn on the fog lights, dipped beams, position lights, front and rear position lights and hazard warning flashing lights, the speed shall not exceed 40 kms per hour, and the distance from the vehicle in front of the same lane shall be more than 50 meters; When visibility is less than 50 meters, turn on fog lights, low beam lights, position lights, front and rear position lights and hazard warning flashing lights, the speed of the vehicle must not exceed 20 kms per hour, and leave the highway as soon as possible from the nearest exit.
▽Keep your distance between vehicles
Sufficient driving distance between the vehicle behind and the vehicle in front in the same lane must be maintained, so that valuable time can be gained in case of emergency. Under normal circumstances, the workshop distance should not be less than the vehicle speed value, such as when the speed is 100 kms per hour, the driving distance should be more than 100 meters; At a speed of 60 kms per hour, a distance of about 40 meters should be maintained. In addition, the visibility of driving at night is low, and the driving distance should be increased to leave room for it.
▽Go your own way
Vehicles should always pay attention to the roadside and road surface marking lines, and are not allowed to ride, press the lane demarcation line, and cannot occupy the Over taking lane for a long time .
▽"Gentle" control
High-speed driving should always hold the steering wheel, when changing lanes or Over taking, the steering wheel should not hit too hard, as soft and smooth as possible. When braking is required, it is better to brake several time s, do not step on it to death, prevent the vehicle from skidding, mistracking, and there is no need to worry about ABS vehicles.

▽Ramp driving
First of all, according to the direction of direction, determine the direction of travel of the destination, once driving in the wrong direction there will be no retreat, entrance warning sign, indicating to the entrance to both directions, indicating the entrance to one direction, pay attention to observe the road signs, it will tell you where to go, whether to drive left or right, that is, enter the left ramp, or enter the right ramp, it is strictly forbidden to Over take, stop, turn around, reverse on the ramp, All of these practices can lead to car accidents.
▽Acceleration lane driving
To make full use of the acceleration lane to increase and approach the speed of the vehicle traveling on the main road as much as possible, in order to prevent the subsequent car and the car from rear-end collision, the entrance sign indicates entering the highway, set at the beginning of the acceleration lane, the starting point sign indicates the beginning of the highway, located at the beginning of the highway, before entering the confluence triangle, turn on the left turn signal, speed up along the acceleration lane, should increase the speed to more than 60km/h as soon as possible, if you follow the car in front, but also pay attention to observe the speed and acceleration of the car in front, And maintain a safe distance that can fully speed up in the acceleration lane, make full use of the acceleration lane about 1/2 or more of the distance, pay attention to and grasp the situation before and after, and estimate that under the favorable conditions of not hindering the traffic of the driving lane, choose the timing of driving into the driving lane, and decisively drive into the highway driving lane.
▽Avoid excessive movements
The speed on the highway is high, and everyone seems to be brave, but it is important to remember that the principle of driving on the highway should be restraint and caution. The first is to pay attention to what may happen ahead at any time and place, think of danger in peace, and maintain a high degree of vigilance at all time s. The most taboo thing about high-speed driving is that the action is too large, and the steering wheel hitting too fast or too large when steering may cause the rear wheel to lose grip and cause the vehicle to lose control. Especially when there is an accident in front of you, you must not rush to hit the direction, but should turn the direction as gently as possible while slowing down, so that the car can smoothly avoid the danger.
▽ Turn on the light first, then turn
This is an important rule of highway driving safety, whether it is to Over take or drive off the highway; Whether it's about changing lanes or whatever, every intention should signal the vehicles in front and behind and left and right early before taking action. The result of acting immediately without signaling often causes other moving vehicles to be broken up, interfere with the normal operation of other vehicles, endanger the safety of others and even cause serious accidents.
▽Pay close attention to entrances and exits
Although highways are mostly closed roads, it is inevitable to set up intersections, so pay attention to traffic signs and signs to prevent conflicts with vehicles entering and exiting the intersection, which is directly related to driving safety. Before hitting the road, think about the population and exits, prepare early and send signals early, especially on unfamiliar roads, pay attention to traffic signs and signs. Don't slow down sharply when you reach an intersection, merge sharply, or even reverse after crossing an intersection. Retrograde practice is very dangerous and there is absolutely no room for chance.

The above is the Aobang Shanghai car rental companyDriving tips for novices to avoid accidents on highways”All content, For more car rental information, please visit the official website of Aobang Car Rental.
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