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Shanghai car rental return rules and car rental saving tips

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2023-05-17 10:46:27

In Shanghai, the car has become an important means of transportation for most young men and women, and car rental is the way most people choose to use the car, today Aobang Shanghai car rental company Xiaobian will share with you the rules of Shanghai car rental return and car rental saving tips:
一, what are the rules for returning a car in Shanghai?

1. Return rules
When returning the car, there are some processes of its own, first to return the vehicle, then to check the vehicle, then to settle all the costs, to return the deposit of the vehicle, and then if there are relevant violations in the entire vehicle rental process, it is necessary to handle it, issue the relevant invoice, and the customer can leave the store.
2, early return of the car
Whether you need to change the car in advance during the process, or want to delay the return of the car, basically they have this regulation, if you want to return the car in advance, you must ensure that you notify the store within two hours before the replacement of the car, so that you can modify the rental period fee, and according to the original rental fee, less than 20% of the difference, If the customer wants to extend the car to replace the car, then there is no need to apply for the original renewal fee, and the rental related expenses can be used when returning the car, but if the car is not returned after the specified period, the cost will be calculated according to the relevant situation.
3. Forced lease renewal
Forced lease renewal is due to the customer's personal reasons, resulting in the renewal of the lease without going through the relevant procedures, so that the store will have its own way of dealing with it.
II.Fuel saving tips for renting a car in Shanghai:

1. Start slower
When you are stuck in traffic, you need to start frequently, and after waiting for a long time , many car owners are prone to start quickly and step on the accelerator. In fact, slamming on the accelerator not only hurts the body but also wastes fuel, and the fuel consumption of a rapid start is generally more than 10ml.
2. Maintain a good distance between cars
Maintaining a good distance is to ensure safety on the one hand, and to reduce braking and save car oil on the other hand.
3. Slow driving and opening windows When
stuck in traffic, vehicles on both sides will cause a stream of air, which will affect low-speed cycling, and open the windows on both sides to reduce the resistance of the air. Many experienced car owners know that the windows should be opened when driving slowly in traffic jams, and closed when driving at high speeds.
4. Long-term traffic jam to turn off the engine When the traffic
jam is serious, the owner judges that the engine should be turned off in time when waiting for a long time to avoid long-term idle fuel consumption, and the engine should also consume fuel when idling.
5. Do not step on the accelerator
each time you step on the accelerator empty, the fuel consumption is about 6ml. Some car owners have the habit of stepping on the accelerator in traffic jams waiting for time and space, which will invisibly consume a lot of our fuel.

The above is all the content of "Shanghai car rental return rules and car rental saving tips" of Aobang Shanghai car rental company, for more car rental information, please pay attention to the official website of Aobang car rental.
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