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What should I pay attention to when renting a car for Shanghai tour? Shanghai travel car rental guide

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2023-05-15 09:00:38

With the self-driving tourism craze on the rise, many people want to take advantage of the festival to go out for a road trip. Many people with a driver's license may choose to rent a car to travel to scenic spots. For those who have no car rental experience, they may not know how to rent a car, what do you need to pay attention to in the process of renting a car, and what do you need to pay attention to when renting a car? Today, the editor of Aobang Shanghai Car Rental Company will share with you what should be paid attention to when renting a car in Shanghai? Shanghai Travel Car Rental Guide:
Step 1: Car rental procedures

Before renting a car in Shanghai, you should first understand the procedures of renting a car, usually have a local household registration of the place where you rent a car, and the procedures for renting a car are relatively simple. As long as you provide the original ID card, driver's license, and family registration booklet, sign the rental contract, and generally pay the required deposit.

In addition to providing the original ID card and driver's license, it is also necessary to provide an economic mortgage not less than the value of the rental car, and even need to be guaranteed by a local resident, and the original ID card, driver's license and family registration book of the guarantor must also be provided. If you are Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and foreigners, you must provide the original return permit or passport, foreigner's residence permit and Chinese driver's license, and you also need local residents as guarantees.
Step 2: Choose a car rental company and a vehicle
suitable for travel After understanding the car rental, it is time to choose a car. First, you should first understand the models and conditions available to the rental company to determine whether it is what you need. Second, consult the company's rental form, rent, required documents, deposits, etc.
Choose a car rental company in Shanghai:
Due to the complete procedures of larger car rental companies, the types and number of models and the great advantages in terms of reputation, it is best for companies to choose large companies for car rentals. Small car rental companies not only have a small choice, but also do not save money compared to larger companies. Some small companies often add extra fees when subleasing cars from other companies, so small companies sometime s cost more money to rent a car than larger companies.
In addition, if a large car rental company takes over a contract of more than two years, it is generally possible to purchase a new car specifically at the customer's request, and small companies can not do much.
Car selection: Most people choose a car with a basic requirement, fuel-efficient, leather, high passability cars are the most popular.
People who can drive know that the heavier the car, the more fuel-intensive, so the kind of aluminum alloy wheel car is fuel-efficient, and suitable for high-speed driving, good stability, and can also absorb vibration and noise in motion. Cars with radial tires are also more fuel-efficient and have high wear resistance. Automatic transmission car is more trouble-free, automatic transmission is equipped with automatic control device, the driving process can automatically adjust the gear according to the speed of the vehicle, eliminating the matter of shifting gears and stepping on the clutch, but because the power transmission of the automatic transmission is achieved by hydraulics, it is more fuel-consuming, especially when driving at low speed or stop-and-go when stuck in traffic, which increases fuel consumption.

Step 3: Sign a good
car, the next thing is to sign a complete rental contract, just in case, there are some precautions that must be remembered when signing a contract: first of all, you must understand the daily limit of the vehicle and the billing standard after exceeding the limit, the daily mileage of the general mid-range car should be within <> kms, of course, there are individual companies without limit.
In order to prevent the car from being returned in time , it is also necessary to carefully understand the renewal regulations and the billing standards for overtime leases, so as to avoid objections with the rental company afterwards.
Carefully understand the rental company's commitments in order to fully enjoy the benefits they deserve. At the same time , if unreasonable points are found, they should negotiate with the leasing company in time to modify them.
Note: Some car rental companies have regulations on the mileage and area of the car, especially in some tourist areas, pay attention to reading.
Step 4: Car inspection

The last process of signing the contract is to fill in the inspection form, which is the process of both parties jointly determining the condition of the car, which is very important.
If the car has a problem on the road, it is not to mention, and even its own safety is not guaranteed. Just in August last year, a Mr. Han almost lost his life because he did not carefully check when renting a car, and he also had disputes with the car rental company afterwards. Because most of the rental company's cars are not new cars, and after different people drive, they are prone to failure, so be sure to carefully inspect the car when renting a car, and it is best to have a professional to help.
What is the car inspection? Very particular, the same can not be less, one can not be careless.
I think safety is the most important thing. Braking, steering, and lighting that directly affect driving safety should be carefully checked. It is best to have a certain order when inspecting the car.
Start by checking it from the appearance. Check if there are scratches on the car body, whether the lights are complete, and whether the locks are normal. Fill in carefully to prevent unnecessary disputes.
Then open the lid to check the condition of major components such as fuel, refrigeration fluid, lubricating oil, brake fluid, battery and drivetrain.
After there are no abnormalities, you can enter the cab and check the operation status of the fuel gauge, brakes and air conditioning.
Finally, I would like to remind everyone to take a test drive. First of all, you must adjust the driver's seat position that suits you, and you must sit comfortably. Test drive is to familiarize and check the working conditions of clutch, accelerator, brake and engine, but also to familiarize yourself with the function and position of each instrument and operating parts as soon as possible, so as to prevent chaos caused by chaos during driving.
Step 6: Return the car The
return location is generally the office location or hotel of the car rental company, and some companies have opened a one-way return service, you can check before renting a car

The above is Aobang Shanghai Car Rental Company's "What should I pay attention to when renting a car in Shanghai?" Shanghai Travel Car Rental Guide", for more car rental information, please pay attention to the official website of Aobang Car Rental.
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