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What should I pay attention to when making a Shanghai Tourist car rental?

Author: Aobang Shanghai Car Rental   Create Date: 2023-05-23 09:11:16

Now the car rental industry is also relatively hot, in Shanghai, most people travel the latter or choose to rent a car, but with more and more car rental companies, car rental companies are uneven, we will also encounter a variety of problems, now the car rental industry is also more hot, many people will go to the car rental company when needed. Today, the editor of Aobang Shanghai Car Rental Company will briefly introduce you to the problems that should be paid attention to when Shanghai Tourist car rental?
 1. When booking by phone, you need to leave detailed relevant information in case of emergency.
2. Before renting a car, you should first understand the performance of the rental model, the price and the documents required for renting a car.
3. Book in advance, one or two days in advance, and the vehicles scheduled for weekends need to be booked two or three days in advance; Holidays should be booked 20-30 days in advance, if you are a member and need to book a car out of town, you must book 48 hours in advance.
4. The number of days used for the car should be set as *** less days, and if it is not enough, the lease should be renewed by phone 24 hours before the expiration of the contract.
5. When picking up the car, you need to bring all the original documents.

6. Aobang Shanghai Car Rental Company reminds everyone: Please check carefully when returning the car for inspection after departure, and sign the document after confirmation.
7. Please read the contents of the contract carefully before signing the contract.
8. Pay attention to safe driving when driving the vehicle.
9、If there is a scratch in the rental car, you need to take photos to keep good evidence If the rental vehicle has a scrape and other traffic accidents, you must leave good evidence and take pictures yourself, so that it is safer to take insurance.
10. Car rental insurance needs to be handled carefully car rental insurance, contact the insurance company and the rental company as soon as possible, do not negotiate and solve it yourself, otherwise you will pay for it yourself.
11. Pay attention to negotiate
with the rental company before maintenance If the rental vehicle needs to be repaired, discuss with the rental company, do not find a repair shop yourself, lest the rental company does not recognize the maintenance cost.

12. When returning the car, you should pay attention to take away all your own things in the car and put them away; When returning the deposit, please count the amount and confirm that the document is returned correctly.

The above is the "Shanghai Tourist car rental" Shanghai Tourist car rental should pay attention to? For more information on Car Rental, please follow the official website of Aobang Car Rental.
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