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Luxury yacht 63feet

Create Date: 2022-03-06 11:19:57  

Luxury yacht  63feet
  • Luxury yacht  63feet
  • Luxury yacht  63feet
  • Luxury yacht  63feet
  • Luxury yacht  63feet
Sailing route:
Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club/Dapeng Bay Yacht Club→ Daya Bay Power Station→ Sea Palace→ Dalaijia Island→ Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club/Dapeng Bay Yacht Club/Wave Riding Yacht Club
Route Introduction:
This is really an enviable and hateful sailing route, with beautiful scenery, history, technology, and culture along the way. The highlight is the scenic Grand Spicy Island.
Da Lai Jia Island (also known as Dajia Island) is one of the 5 islands in Daya Bay, ten nautical miles away from Ao Tau Port, originally called Da Liujia, taking the meaning of six islands. In the past, fishermen here often spoke the Chao language, because the "six" in the Chao language was pronounced "spicy", so it was used to be called Chijia Island. It is the second largest island in Daya Bay, far from land, and is also a scenic ecological island. The water here is clear, the water depth is 6-<> meters deep, and the water is clear. There are three sandy beaches on the island, the largest of which is several kilometers long crescent-shaped beautiful sand, colorful shells, pen snails, horned snails, pig snails, small sea conch, scallops, mussels, pearl oysters, and Donglianji Temple. The island is surrounded by a raging sea with coral reefs nearby.
Range: 12 km 6.5 nautical miles
Free standard equipment:
Mineral water, drinks, fruits, fishing rods, magic carpets, kayaks, toy water guns
Audio and video equipment:
Satellite TV, KTV, CD, DVD, playable U disk
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